Saint Patrick’s Day-Southie Style

I’ve decided to kick off my blog and my adventure through the Lower 48 on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston’s Southie neighborhood.  The sun is shining and the streets are crowded, young, old and everyone in between, all in green, celebrating the Feast Day of the Irish Saint Patrick.  Crowds, beer and a bit of bedlam seem to be the norm for the day.2013-03-17 13.36.44

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4 Responses to Saint Patrick’s Day-Southie Style

  1. happyoutlook says:

    So excited for you to begin your journey. Loved your list of children’s books. Looking forward to following the posts of your wonderful 48 state trip.

  2. happyoutlook says:

    What a great starting post and picture! Looking forward to following your wonderful adventure. Safe travels…

  3. Maggie says:

    Aggie, very envious and excited for you! Looking forward to following your trip over the coming weeks. Safe travels, Love M&N on the other side of the Pond xx

  4. Anndy Krimm says:

    To use a tired, old word – this is totally AWESOME! That is, you and your quest.

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