When I was in college I spent three summers working in the District for the Department of the Army and lived with my oldest sister and her family. As adults, my nieces and their younger brother have all made the area their home, thus my stay was full of family fun. As three of my biggest cheerleaders for this adventure, I was excited to spend time and break bread with them and their loved ones even if only for a short while.

Having missed visiting the new MLK memorial last May during my son’s graduation from GW, it was on the top of my to-do list. Set on the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin, near the FDR memorial, with a towering statute of Dr.King and several of his famous quotes etched in the surrounding walls.

And my Bookin’ It trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the library to end all libraries: The Library of Congress. My nephew’s wonderful boyfriend obtained tickets for a docent-led tour and afterwards we visited the new children’s Literature Center. Nearby is the Folger Shakespeare Library, a teenage group was finishing up their Shakespeare festival with an interactive workshop. Watching the group from the balcony of the theater was delightful. Their energy, enthusiasm and knowledge was impressive.

After the library visits I spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Newseum. Whether watching the film clips, viewing the front pages or staring at the Pulitzer Prize winning photos, this is museum where you could spend a full day. I highly recommend it.

Dinner with the whole DC family was at Mandu, a Korean restaurant in the U street neighborhood. The service, presentation and food was excellent. Try the mandu(dumplings) or hobak-jeon(egg-dipped, pan-fried zucchini) or san jeok(mini skewer with beef and veg). I ordered dolsot bibim bap which is served in a hot stone bowl. Delicious!




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1 Response to DC

  1. Margaret S says:

    It was great fun to have you in town!! I can’t wait to see what is next on this exciting tour!!
    P.S. You may have a few more SAHMs following your blog as a reminder that some day they won’t be changing poopy diapers or getting kids in and out of carseats. Thanks for the inspiration!

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