Missouri Road Signs

While driving west on I-70 and north on I-29, I saw road signs and exit signs with single letters or combination of letters, such as J or HH. I thought it might be a state road system, but when I exited one to get gas, there was no additional signage for the letter. I’ve hadn’t seen the like in any other state. I found it simultaneously amusing and confusing.



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2 Responses to Missouri Road Signs

  1. Bob Conley says:


    I think these are state route signs…they use letters or combinations of letters instead of numbers…Like Rte 518 in Hopewell might be Rte P.

    Anyway. luv your dialogue…keep ’em comin’


    • aggiemannix says:

      Yeah, that’s what I thought, but once you are on the road, it doesn’t have any more signs showing it’s Route J or whatever. At least in NJ, there are signs that continue to identify the route. And thanks for your comments, it’s helps keep me writing.

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