Oklahoma City National Memorial

Severe weather was to hit Oklahoma City in the early afternoon on Tuesday and I had two stops on my agenda. I left early to drive downtown to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. On the way I listened to an explanation of the memorial and I’m glad I did because the outdoor memorial doesn’t have much in the way of signage. There is a museum adjacent to it, but my concerns about the weather did not allow a visit. Trees are planted as an outline of where the building was and there is a chair representing each victim, placed in a line representing the floor and approximate area where they were located when the bomb went off. The larger chairs are for the adult victims and the smaller chairs for the 19 child victims. At the entrances, on each end of the memorial are large black walls with 9:01, representing innocence and 9:03 which is the minute after the bomb. There are red bud trees, native to Oklahoma and which bloom in April, the same month as the bombing. There is a shallow reflecting pool in the middle and a large tree to honor the first-responders. It is a moving memorial, a place for remembrance and reflection.





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2 Responses to Oklahoma City National Memorial

  1. happyoutlook says:

    Very moving. I never even realized that there was a memorial. Your pictures and your words really help me understand what it feels like to be there in person.

  2. Margaret says:

    Many thanks – I was there a few years after this happened. So I am glad to see how this is memorized.
    Keep up your story.

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