Museum Fatigue

On Thursday, I was suffering from what I call, museum fatigue. I needed a break from sites, from driving and from thinking about the weather. I was actually looking forward to sitting at the car dealership while they worked on my vehicle; to sit quietly and read the Boston Globe and The New York Times. Luckily, the issue with the car was only a clogged drain for the sunroof. I was out the door in an hour, but not sure how I wanted to proceed. My energy was low and it was raining. I decided to drive south towards Baton Rouge, stay south of there and spend the day writing and relaxing in my room. I enjoyed the drive as it was only a little over an hour and I saw dozens of Plantations and their accompanying rows of oaks and big houses. I pulled into a Plantation with the intent to take the tour but changed my mind. I really needed a day off, so I snapped a couple of photos and left.




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1 Response to Museum Fatigue

  1. happyoutlook says:

    Charming pictures of the plantation. Having suffered from museum fatigue myself, I think taking a day off to recharge your batteries and to read a good book is a great idea.

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