I was in Dallas, at the Book Depository when the bombs went off at the Marathon. Like so many others, I spent the day stunned and shocked. Within a couple of hours and countless texts, all the Boston folks I know were accounted for, but the sadness and anger of another terrorist attack set in. I was with an old friend from New Jersey and it wasn’t lost on either of us, that we had spent the afternoon of 9/11 sitting on my front porch together waiting for the school bus. Now here we were together again when my new hometown was attacked. Yesterday I drove out of Dallas and it took every fiber of being not to head north and east. Not that I could do anything, but there is such a desire to be present and stand strong in the face of such terror. Instead, I drove on as planned. I’ll have more on the trip and the 900+ miles I logged in Texas, but for now I’m just listening to Sweet Caroline and praying for everyone in Beantown.

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