Colorado Springs

It was shortly after I entered Colorado that I saw my first “fourteener”, a peak over 14,000 feet. Colorado has more than any other state in the Lower 48. When I’ve driven to Colorado previously and again on this trip I can’t wait to see these mountains, yet I’m always surprised by their appearance on the horizon. I’ll be driving along the open plains, and then, ‘pop’, there’s a snow-capped mountain towering over the landscape. It’s one of many reasons I love driving, the change in topography, the beauty of the scene. Friday afternoon I drove along I-25 from Pueblo to Denver’s International Airport enjoying the flat plains out the passenger-side window and the Rocky Mountains on my driver-side window, where I picked up my husband for the weekend.

Saturday, we hiked Castlewood Canyon State Park. We scrambled amongst the canyon rocks along the two-mile trail at the back of the park. Our lunch stop was a local strip mall Mexican joint that was authentic and tasty. In the late afternoon, we drove thru the well-laid out little downtown of Colorado Springs, the US Olympic Team’s circa 1970s facilities and Colorado College. And then we went to the movie theater to watch 42. We both enjoyed the movie and I felt well-informed on the topic having visited the Negro Baseball Museum in Kansas City just two weeks ago.

Colorado Springs abounds with places to hike, my favorite is The Garden of the Gods. My husband and I spent a few hours on the trails of these red rock formations under the watchful eye of Pikes Peak. A glorious way to spend a Sunday afternoon.












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