Shortly after entering Utah, I understood why the welcome sign read, “Life Elevated”. We stopped to climb our first arch, Wilson’s Arch, which is alongside State Route 191. It was an easy climb with a nice view of the surrounding red rocks of the area. We continued on to Moab, but not before stopping to take photos at the famous, Hole in the Rock store. Once in Moab we settled into our hotel, checked out the restaurants along Main Street and choose to eat dinner on the outdoor patio at Zax’s, a local spot catering to tourists.

Since we had planned a day of hiking at Arches National Park, we started with a proper breakfast at the Peace Tree Cafe. With plenty of water we headed off for a day of exploration and beauty. We hiked the trail to Delicate Arch, climbing to the arch and taking in the wonder of our experience. More than once on the trail, did we comment, that our sons, back when they were five years old or so, would have loved this place as it resembled the set of the Star Wars movies. The trails were marked by rock cairns, well-placed rock piles which were easy to follow. Although I’m not much for heights, I handled the rock trail and the ledge leading to the arch alright, but once getting to the arch I happily stuck to the wide spaces rather than going under the arch itself.

Next we hiked the trail to Landscape Arch, possibly the longest arch in the world. Part(180 tons) of this arch had fallen several years ago and it is hard not to wonder when this arch will fall. There was so much to see and so many trails to hike, but the day and our energy was fading. We drove to several viewing areas to see rocks, arches and formations with names such as the Three Gossips, Park Avenue, Fiery Furnace, Balanced Rock, and The Windows.

It had been a day to remember and treasure. With tired feet and quite an appetite, we enjoyed delicious Thai food at Sing Ha Thai Cuisine. After dinner, we wander the town stopping at the library, which won a national award in 2007 for best small library. I was pleased to see that the Utah based book, The Great Brain, was displayed in the children’s section. Flipping through the book, which I haven’t read in years, I re-read how the southwestern section of Utah (near St. George) was nicknamed Dixie. Ah, now I understood the bus with the name, Dixie State, on its side that we had seen at the park earlier in afternoon.




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