Grand Canyon

“The most remarkable and unique feature of the Grand Canyon is the clarity and simplicity of the earth’s history as recorded by the layers in it’s walls-comparable to the pages and chapters of a book.” Those were the well-said words of Park Naturalist Edwin McKee and after spending hours staring out at the vast canyon I couldn’t agree more with him. We spent a glorious morning walking along the Park’s Trail of Time, which is on the canyon rim and explains in geological terms the age and layers of the canyon. It was fascinating but hard to retain so much geology(rocks) for this history major-lawyer. I must mention that my photos do not even begin to do the canyon justice, so just put it on your bucket list. To see is to believe. I look forward to returning someday to hike down to Phantom Ranch or raft down the Colorado River.






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2 Responses to Grand Canyon

  1. happyoutlook says:

    As you suggest, just added the canyon to my bucket list!

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