Determined not to stop at our apartment in Boston until the trip was complete, my husband and I rendezvoused in Auburn, MA off I-90 so that he could take our daughter and pooch back to Boston and I could continue on with the New England portion of my trip. It was a quick hello and good-bye and then I was headed west along State Route 9 to the Quabbin Reservoir. Years ago one of our favorite children’s author, Jane Yolen, and our favorite illustrator, Barbara Cooney, teamed up in the book “Letting Swift River Go” about the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir. In order to let the Swift River create the reservoir for the people of Boston, four towns were destroyed. The pictures and words have stuck with me all these years; the mighty thirst of the people of Boston, the dismantling of homes, bodies removed from the cemeteries and little Sally Jane and her grandfather in a rowboat on the reservoir looking down trying to identify the old town roads through the water. The Quabbin was on my list and it was a lovely spring day as I drove into Quabbin Park and went to Enfield Lookout. I spent quite awhile looking out at the reservoir comparing the old photographs provided there with my view. My thoughts went back to the words from a book review I had read, “When progress is made, a price has been paid.” I left Quabbin Park going past Quabbin Cemetery, before heading towards Amherst and on to Vermont. Amherst was bustling with graduation preparations and loads of traffic as it was almost 5:00pm. The traffic allowed me to crawl along the main streets enjoying the quaint college town without having anyone behind me frustrated at my slow pace.




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