16,367.2 Miles

The fog was thick as I drove under the Tobin Bridge so I was unable to see anything of the city, but I was happy when I saw the Welcome to South Boston sign and the familiar clapboard three-story homes that line L Street. I pulled into my parking spot to the happy faces and cheers of my husband and youngest. After the hugs and a greeting from our pooch, we celebrated my 16,367.2 miles with a bottle of champagne. Later in the week, I’ll write some wrap up posts to share my favorite sights, states and surprises of the trip, but for tonight, the driving was done and it was good to be home.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank a few people who supported and encouraged my adventure. “The Cousins”, as my kids call my oldest sister’s four grown children, were incredibly supportive of my endeavor from the first time I mentioned it. They housed me and feed me from New Jersey to DC, and their enthusiasm for my adventure gave me needed confidence during the planning stage. I occasionally stayed with family and friends; these homes were a welcome oasis from the road and are some of my happiest memories of the trip. Thanks to the Richards, Allen, Schmidt, Richards-Becker, Cooper, Robb, Devlin and Stevens families. In addition, I met up with many old friends along the way and enjoyed sharing my adventure with them. Thanks to MJane, ‘the usual suspects’, the Krimm and Hagerty families, Maggie and JJ. My gratitude to AK for joining me in the four corners area of the trip is great; her patience and tolerance for my persnickety ways was appreciated and her friendship ever valued. A big thanks to the support and encouraging comments from one of my oldest friends, TBK, an Andover Road playmate whose friendship has been my blessing for 45 years. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and appreciate all of you who have followed me on my adventure, your kind words encouraged me to continue on many an early morning in Hampton Inns around the country. I often wrote my posts with two special people in mind, my aunts, those good Sisters of the Holy Cross. As with all endeavors in my life, they were positive and encouraging.

And saving the best for last, I’m ever thankful for my husband and kids. My daughters and son were my cheerleaders. After years of supporting their endeavors they were excited to turn the tables and support my adventure. Also, I think on several days they were pleased to read about the trip rather than to participate as they did in their younger years. My husband was and continues to be the good sport, even-kneeled guy I met 33 years ago. During the planning stage he was interested without being intrusive, allowing me the time to create the trip of my dreams. While on the trip, he gave me the space to wander and wonder, yet was a good listener when I was ready to share. I am so damn lucky to have him.

And as for what’s next . . . ONLY FORWARD!







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7 Responses to 16,367.2 Miles

  1. Mary Hendriksen says:

    Hurrah! You’re home and looking beautiful as you pop open the champagne! What a trip — truly, the trip of a lifetime! I am filled with admiration for your endeavor! Mary

    • aggiemannix says:

      Thanks Mary. The trip was awesome and definitely the only time in my life I will tackle the Lower 48 in one go; we live in a BIG country!! Looking forward to seeing you in South Haven this summer. I am ready for some quiet reading on the front porch and some beach time.

  2. lynne shaver says:

    Yay! What an amazing jouney I have enjoyed “following” you on. Many of the drives were ones I have driven or road along so I have also enjoyed going down Memory Lane with you, as well. Welcome home, to my old home of Boston. ~Lynne (Roxanne, Billy & Ellie)

    • aggiemannix says:

      I am so happy to hear that you were able to follow me on my adventure, especially since you are busy with your three beautiful children (and living life’s greatest adventure-parenting the under 5). It is great to be back in Boston. Tomorrow we head to Fenway.
      GO SOX!!!

  3. Margaret says:

    Wonderful – Thanks for the journey….always wish I could share more?
    Next time???

  4. happyoutlook says:

    AMAZING!!!! 16,367.2 Miles is a lot of miles. YOU DID IT! Thanks for the shout out. Can’t wait to get together with you and hear all about your adventure firsthand. xox

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