Happy Mother’s Day-May letter to my daughter

Dearest MK,

Happy Mother’s Day! Today-your first Mother’s Day-may you feel the singular affection of your smiley son and happy husband. May the love of your newly formed family be palpable all day. And although we aren’t physically together, may you revel in our shared bond of motherhood, I know I will.

Anna Jarvis, who established this day to honor her mother, was bothered that this well-intentioned day became commercialized, but its intended purpose of honoring moms is laudable. This day is meant for you, me and all moms. A day to celebrate maternal camaraderie.

Today I remember my mothering friends, and the ups and downs of life with children that we shared. These women were and still are my wise counselors. Whether it was the Tuesday night dinners with another family whose dad also traveled weekly when you were a preschooler, or the mom with older kids who alerted me to the rollercoaster of middle schoolers’ emotions before you reached that age, or the friend who listened as I shared a concern when you left for college, I was fortunate to have fellow moms to lean on. May you find a cohort of women to do the same, to share the minutiae of child-rearing. And I hope there be more tears of laughter and joy shared than tears of sadness and worry but share both with your mothering friends because life as a parent will give you highs and lows and they are easier to bear in the fellowship of friendship.

Three years ago, your dad and I stopped at Notre Dame to light a candle at the Grotto. My prayer was that you and I would both be celebrating Mother’s Day the next year. On a different timeline that prayer was answered, making today a most happy Mother’s Day.



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2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day-May letter to my daughter

  1. happyoutlook says:

    Hope you are enjoying your first Mother’s Day as a grandmother! Lovely post as usual!

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