About Aggie

When my youngest left for college I used my first year as an empty-nester for a sabbatical since my full-time job as mom moved to a more seasonal position. The sabbatical’s main thrust was to plan and then drive across the Lower 48 states using the books I read as a kid and the books I read to my children as my guide. It was a test of my wanderlust and I enjoyed all 16,367.2 miles of my great American road trip. This blog was launched with that trip, but has been quiet since I arrived home in June, 2014.

In the four years since I finished the trip, my husband and I moved three times (from Boston to suburban Philadelphia to Washington, DC). We watched our three kids graduate med school, grad school, and college respectively. In addition, we added a new member to the family when our oldest married. In between moving and settling into communities, I continued to counsel teenagers on the college process, advised young adults on career choices, and wrote about travel and parenting.

I’m re-launching my blog with a new name and a new direction. It will cover the topics on family and assisting young adults in navigating life while navigating the back half of my own life.

“Only Forward” was the motto I embraced 20+ years ago when I moved with my husband and three kids hundreds of miles away from the comfort of friends and family. This positive attitude helped us embrace and explore our new community rather than look back, whether with fondness, sadness, or regret. It was a kinder version of ‘buck up’ and helped impart the words of Heraclitus, ‘the only thing that is constant is change’. There were nine moves in twenty years, and while with good fortune and effort we kept many friendships, I continued to do my best to live ‘only forward’.



7 Responses to About Aggie

  1. Margo Medwid says:

    My Dear Aggie..Only you would embark on this trip alone and following your dream. I will look forward to reading your blog and enjoying your adventure. Just maybe we will get some time to catch up in 2013!! Aren’t you suppose to be planning a wedding???
    Love Margo

    • aggiemannix says:

      I’m not alone, I’ve got lots of folks supporting my endeavor and of course, many friends and family to visit along the way. As for the wedding, Dan and I have been married for years 🙂

  2. Bubbles says:

    I love traveling with you. Enjoy each. Moment and thanks for sharing your adventure each step of the way aunt Bubbles

  3. Kathy Stevens says:

    When are you going to hit California? I have a bed waiting with your name on it!!!!!!!!
    Love, Kathy

  4. Susan Mayer Schlosser says:

    I’m late checking into your crazy adventure trip. Wow- how amazing and I hope you still check into this site. Would love to hear from you. Last I saw you was in picture in my high school alumni magazine – The Lion- imagine my surprise when you and family were in a picture towards back of magazine. Love St. John’s !!!!! Can’t believe you lived in Waterloo.
    Xxoo. Susan

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